Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Paterno by the Book by Joe Paterno & Bernard Asbell

Just finished Paterno: By The Book, Joe Paterno;s autobiography written in 1989.  I read a biography of Vince Lombardi last month which I enjoyed, The Official Vince Lombardi Playbook.  So I decided to read about a few more great football coaches.  After watching the Joe Paterno Linebacker video,Successful Coaching American Football: Linebackers, I ordered the Paterno Autobiography from Amazon used reseller.

The book is an easy read about Paterno's life and football career.  He has a ton of good information for coaches and fans.  I was interested in all the coaching information.  I especially liked ...the first source of football success is defense, the second is kicking, and the third is offense.  A great offense in my experience has to obey one principle above all others; Don't lose the ball in a turnover.  Hang onto the football!

I highly recommend this book by Coach Paterno, Paterno by the Book.

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